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TMB Treasury Management

With TMB Treasury Services, your business can maximize funds usage, improve efficiencies and lower costs by utilizing the products listed below. Call our Main office at (270) 753-5626 and talk to Bryan Anderson or Chad Stubblefield about how TMB Treasury Management can benefit your company.

Cash Management: Online Banking, Transfers, ACH Origination, Bill Pay, Wires

The Murray Bank’s Cash Management system is easy to navigate to view account history, make transfers, view statements and pay bills. Upon approval, you may add ACH and/or wire origination for a low monthly fee. ACH origination will allow you to create electronic payroll files, donation receivables, and insurance premiums to list a few examples. Read brochure.

Remote Deposit Capture: Desktop Scanner at Customer's Office to Scan Multiple Checks Quickly

Upon approval of your application for Remote Deposit Capture, you may purchase a desktop scanner from The Murray Bank to scan stacks of checks quickly without ever leaving the office. Checks are converted into an ACH file which is credited to your business account that night. Read brochure.

Remote Deposit Anywhere: Mobile Deposits on Smart Phone or Tablet

Mobile Deposit services are convenient for when you only have a few checks per week to scan (daily number and amount of deposits limited for this product). You simply request to have this function added to your mobile banking set-up so that you can scan the front and back of any checks you wish to deposit. You are asked to write “for Mobile Deposit only to TMB” on the back of each check and retain securely for 30 days.

Positive Pay-Checks: Monitors and Verifies Issued Checks and Creates Exception Report for Customer Review

You may request to have Positive Pay service enabled inside of your TMB Cash Management system for a low monthly fee. Once the tab is provided, you may upload your check file electronically or you may input the individual checks manually. You will login to the system daily to monitor the exception report and to approve or decline checks that have been delegated to the exception report. Read brochure.

Merchant Services

Whether you have traditional Point of Sale or Internet Processing, The Murray Bank can offer you competitive rates on VISA, MasterCard or Discover transactions. Our professional staff is available to assist you one-on-one in determining what best meets your business needs for processing credit card transactions. You may apply for these services for low competitive rates and can provide you a line-by-line comparison bid with your current provider by supplying our Treasury Management Manager with two month's statements. If you do not see the product for which you are looking in this array, please ask about it because we will investigate any opportunity to serve you and your business. Read brochure

Sweeps: Internal Funds Transfers

A variety of sweep transfers can be set up to meet your needs including covering overdrafts, maintaining a designated balance in your checking or savings accounts, loan sweeps and more.


Call our Main office at (270) 753-5626 and talk to Bryan Anderson or Chad Stubblefield about how TMB Treasury Management can benefit your company.