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Business FAQs

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 Do you have questions?  We have answers!  Here are some of the most commonly asked questions we get.  Always remember though, if you can’t find the information you need here, please call one of our customer service representatives and they will be happy to answer your questions.

Personal Banking FAQ

Someone stole my debit card or I lost it.  What do I need to do?

To report a lost or stolen ATM or Debit Card outside our normal business hours, please call: 1-800-264-4274, then press 3.
This number will connect you with CSI, our processor for providing ATM & Debit Cards for our customers.
During normal business hours, please contact:
The Murray Bank Operations Department at 270-753-5626.

My Debit Card is not working properly, what should I do?

If your card isn’t working properly, contact us and we will assist you.

How long will it take me to open a new account?

If you are a new customer it will take approximately 20 minutes.  If you are already doing business with us, call ahead and we can provide you with the paperwork to speed that process up.  Upon completion of your paperwork, your new account will be active.

What is the minimum to open a new account?

All accounts are different, so please click here to find out the specifics for the account you need.

Do you offer overdraft protection?

Yes we do!  Click here to find out all the ways we can help protect you from over drafting.

How can I reorder checks?

You can reorder checks by clicking here or visiting your local Office

Business Banking FAQ

Do I need to have an existing account with The Murray Bank to qualify for a business loan?

Absolutely not!  At The Murray Bank we would welcome the opportunity to do business with you.

How can I reorder checks?

You can reorder checks by clicking here or visiting your local Office.

Online Banking FAQ

How do I update my personal information online?

If you ever need to change any of your personal information, such as your mailing address, phone number, etc…, please contact The Murray Bank at your nearest office.

What functions can I perform using Online Banking?

The Murray Bank Online Banking provides these functions:

Do I need any special equipment to access Online Banking?

All you will need is a computer with internet access.  Our entire internet banking data is encrypted.

I’ve never used online banking before, what do I need to do?

Begin today by filling out the Online Banking New User Application. After submitting the application, you will receive an email within 1-2 business days. Open the link within the email and enter the security code provided to you. From there, you will establish a user name and password along with answers to security questions.

Can I use online bill pay?

Yes, you will be required to login and establish security settings within bill pay.

Mobile Banking FAQ

How do I enroll for Mobile Banking?

Existing online banking customers - use your current online banking username and password. You should be able to use mobile banking right away.

New users (users who don't currently have access to The Murray Bank's online banking) - Once the app has been installed on your mobile device, click on the new user link and fill out the registration form. The registration process includes four security questions obtained from your credit history to verify identity.

How much will it cost me to Mobile Bank?

The Murray Bank offers mobile banking for free, but we do encourage you to check with your mobile provider for any additional charges you may accrue.

What functions can I perform from my mobile device?

The Murray Bank Mobile Banking provides these functions:

Consumer Loan FAQ

How do I apply for a Personal Loan with The Murray Bank?

Stop into one of our three offices and fill out the application and often get a response that same day.

What if I have questions concerning a loan I already have with The Murray Bank?

Contact The Murray Bank and one of our Customer Service Representatives would be happy to help you.

How can I make a payment on an existing loan I have with The Murray Bank?