Credit & Debit Cards

Our cards help keep expenses under control

For businesses, paying with cards certainly maximizes purchasing power. And it also goes one step further. Both credit and debit cards make it easier to track spending, playing a key role in holding down costs. As an added perk, our business credit cards also feature a rewards system that can give a welcome boost to your bottom line.
Businesses often request multiple cards and issue them to different employees or departments. Easy-to-navigate online tool allows  you to put a dollar limit on expenditures on an employee-by-employee basis. The online tool can also be used to request or cancel cards, view statements, review transaction activity, schedule payments, and download financial data to Excel and CSV.

Make business purchases a breeze by issuing multiple debit cards to authorized employees. It's easy to track spending, create reports, and designate purchase amount limits on an employee-by-employee basis.

The Murray Bank is a full-service financial institution with convenient locations for customers in Calloway County.
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