Treasury Management

Take steps that can add up to a big leap forward

Where can your business find new efficiencies? Maybe by streamlining payment processing. Or focusing on fraud prevention. Or automating fund transfers between key accounts. TMB Treasury Management is a suite of services designed to help businesses fine-tune operations and lower costs. Come talk to our experts about which combination of services make the most sense for you.
  • FREE
  • View account history
  • Make transfers
  • Download and Print account statements
  • Pay bills all from one secure place on your business computer network.
  • QuickBooks/Quicken interface
  • Set financial goals for your company
View account history, make transfers, view account statements, and pay bills all from one secure place on your business computer network.

  • ACH origination allows you to originate your direct deposit for payroll, draft customer payments automatically, accept donations, or make payments to vendors
    • Benefits: Save on cost of checks; Save on cost of stop payment fees if the check is lost; Allows you to focus on other areas of the business
  • Wire origination allows you to submit a wire from your place of business or on the go through the mobile app (international or domestic)
  • Can submit stop payments online
  • Ability to set up a sub-user and set permissions for them, such as a CPA
  • Dual control option
With Remote Deposit Capture, you can make deposits right from your office using a desktop scanner.

  • No more end-of-the-day bank runs
  • Scan checks individually or in batches from your place of business
  • Generate daily deposit summaries
  • Easily search for specific checks or payments from a specific client or customer
  • Checks are converted to an ACH file and most often credited to your business account the same day
Deposit checks using a mobile device anytime and anywhere you have Internet access.

  • Endorse the check as you normally would
  • Take a picture of both sides, and upload the images
  • Receive a confirmation that TMB has received your deposit
  • Funds show pending as soon as the deposit is approved on our end
  • We set the limit to meet your businesses needs
  • Ideal for businesses who have 8-10 checks within a deposit
Clamp down on fraud with a system that enlists TMB to stay on the lookout for forged, altered, or suspicious checks.

  • Your business will electronically upload a file containing the details of outgoing checks
  • When a check is presented for payment, TMB will make sure it matches the details - check number, amount, etc. - listed on the file
  • If it doesn't, you will be electronically notified and given the option of approving or declining payment
To maximize sales and customer satisfaction, your business must accept as many payment forms as possible.

  • Customized merchant services programs to meet the needs of your business (fee-pass program available)
  • Offers the most up to date terminals and point of sale systems to meet your business’ needs
    • Mobile processing
    • Inventory Tracking Point of Sale Systems
    • Basic Terminals/Wireless Terminals
    • Restaurant Point of Sale & Management System
    • Send Invoice and Receive Payment
    • Accept Payments through your website
  • Businesses can easily generate sales reports that may be used for inventory control, marketing campaigns and more
  • Local customer service is available should you have questions concerning your system
  • Learn more about our Merchant Credit Card Program
Moving funds between multiple business accounts can be a time-consuming task. TMB can streamline the process, allowing your business to make better use of its money.

  • Funds can be moved on a daily basis from operating accounts to interest-earning accounts to generate added income
  • Sweeps can also set up to cover overdrafts or maintain a designated balance in your checking or savings accounts
  • Automatic transfers can also be made into your loan accounts, ensuring on-time payments

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