Savings, CD, IRA & HSA

Saving is smart. We make it easier, too.

Everyday life sure can be expensive. That's why we applaud efforts to set aside money for holiday costs, medical bills, retirement years, future purchases, and family-pleasing splurges. In fact, we offer more than encouragement - we also offer a range of savings options that reward you with interest payments and other helpful features.
Statement Savings
Want to start small and keep it simple? That's fine with us. Start building a brighter tomorrow with an account that pays competitive interest and offers fast access to your cash.

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Comfortable with technology and eager to step up your earnings? This is the place. Our E-Savings account features higher interest returns and easy online access to your money.

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Certificate of Deposit
Let time work for you. With CDs, you can choose a savings period that fits your life plans. And when those months or years pass by, you'll have a good deal more money than you started with.

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Individual Retirement Accounts
The next chapter of your life can be the best one yet. Put yourself in prime position to make the most of it by starting to save early and taking advantage of the tax benefits that come with TMB IRAs.

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Education IRA
Everyone knows about the rising cost of education. A tax-advantaged savings plan is a good way to ensure students in your family get the academic opportunities they deserve.

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Health Savings Account (HSA)
Medical bills can be real budget-busters, especially when a serious injury or illness is involved. An HSA lets families set aside money for future costs and earn interest on the deposits.

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TMB Kids and Kash
Young people are curious about a lot of things - and money is one of them. Our youth savings program is a fun way to begin teaching them important lessons about financial responsibility.

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Christmas Club
All the presents! All the good food! All the family travel! Holidays are so much fun, but they do come with a financial cost. The good news is we've set up a year-round way to save for December's delights.

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