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Looking for earning power and flexibility?  The Murray Bank offers you different ways to grow your pennies into your retirement.

Statement Savings

A Statement Savings Account is a convenient way to save with easy access to your money through our ATMs, a monthly statement, and a low average daily balance required to avoid a monthly service charge.


Open an online savings account and gain instant access to your money!

Certificate of Deposit

Be in control of a guaranteed monetary return (per FDIC Limits) when you use any of our Certificate of Deposits (CD).  We offer competitive rates and a variety of long and short-term CDs to choose from.  Stop in today and speak with one of our Customer Service Representatives today.


It’s never too early or too late to begin saving for your retirement.  The time is perfect for you to speak to one of our dedicated officers at The Murray Bank about reaching your financial goals.

Health Savings Account (HSA)

These tax-advantaged special savings accounts permit eligible customers to pay for current and future qualified medical expenses. Savings are exempt from Federal Income Tax and earnings are tax-deferred, and employer or employee contributions to the HSA are excluded from income (1). To be eligible to open our HSA, customers must first open a High Deductible Health Plan.

1 - Annual Contribution limits apply per IRS

TMB Kids and Kash

Members of TMB Kids and Kash Club are encouraged to be smart savers, make good grades and give back to the community! As a member of the club, your child can earn stamps for achieving club goals. Click here for more info.

Youth Savings

Set your child or grandchild on the right path by teaching them smart money habits at an early age with a Youth Savings account at The Murray Bank.

Christmas Club

The Murray Bank Christmas Club is an easy way to set aside money for the holiday season that always seems to sneak up on us.  Choose an amount that meets your needs and it will be added to this account monthly.  At the end of October (just in time for the holiday season), you will receive a check representing the full balance, plus interest that has accrued throughout the year.